Fire Drills During Work Hours

Real Training is proud to offer fire drills that do not disrupt daily operations. Our drills help strengthen safety both in the workplace and at home, as participants become better equipped to handle a fire extinguisher. Because the drills are conducted during work hours, there is no need to deploy extra staff, making the solution highly cost-effective.

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Flexible Fire Drills

We understand that department managers have busy days, which is why we offer several ways to simplify the planning of fire drills. Our experience shows that close dialogue with department managers ensures that the process is conducted properly.


We set up the fire simulator.


Night shifts conduct this year's fire drill before they leave.


We are ready for day shifts to conduct the fire drill during the workday.


We pack up and clean up after ourselves before we leave.


The next day, we prepare a report that leaders can place in the HSE folder, so you're ready when inspections occur.