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Advanced fire extinguishing training using VR technology. Our focus is to offer flexible, environmentally friendly, engaging, and cost-effective exercises that provide a realistic and educational experience.

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Real Training AS

Practical fire drill - anytime and anywhere

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Real Training AS

Early action saves lives and property

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Real Training provides your employees with realistic fire drills using VR.

Real Training AS is your partner for innovative and effective fire extinguishing training and courses in hot work. We combine advanced VR technology with comprehensive training to ensure that your employees are well-equipped to handle fire situations safely and competently.

VR Technology

Our VR fire simulator provides participants with a realistic experience of firefighting while using actual firefighting equipment.

Certified Instructors

Our experienced instructors ensure that participants receive thorough training and guidance throughout the training process.

Customized Training Program

We tailor the training to meet your needs and challenges, whether it's firefighting training for corporate employees or certification in hot work.

Practical Firefighting Training

Real Training AS is revolutionizing the way businesses train for firefighting. Our VR technology provides participants with a realistic fire experience while using real firefighting equipment. With various fire scenarios tailored to their needs, participants can practice extinguishing fires with powder, foam, CO2, or water in a safe and controlled virtual reality environment.

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How we do it:

We schedule time and location.
You reserve the space and call in your employees.

We take care of the rest.

- Set up the VR fire simulator.
- Train and guide participants.
- Clean up and provide reports.


Real Training AS is committed to delivering training and services of the highest quality. We ensure thorough training and realistic training experiences to ensure that your employees are well-equipped to handle fire situations and hot work safely and effectively.


We value collaboration both internally and with our clients. Through close collaboration with our clients, we customize training to meet their specific needs and challenges. Internal collaboration and knowledge sharing ensure continuous improvement of our services.


Real Training AS is committed to staying at the forefront of the fire safety industry by investing in new technology and collaborating with leading research institutions. We are dedicated to constantly exploring new methods and tools to ensure that our training programs are innovative, effective, and relevant for our customers.

Customer reviews:


Fantastic, Practical firefighting exercises for 131 employees without disrupting the operation of the nursing home. They attended the exercises at their convenience, individually or in small groups, practiced practical firefighting with VR, and returned to work. All without overtime or substitutes.

Susanne Wollasch - Sande Nursing and Treatment Center

Brilliant invention!

Brilliant invention! Extremely efficient and understandable! When a fire started during the broadcast, I knew what to do and extinguished the fire before it became significant. Just like when I practiced with the VR equipment."

Ingrid Gjessing Linhave - NRK Program Host

A fantastic tool

A fantastic tool that offers more than traditional exercises. Now healthcare personnel can experience a fire in a patient's room. They realize how easy it is to extinguish when the fire is small and how it becomes more challenging when the fire has started to spread and fill the room with smoke.

Jan Eriksen - Vestre Viken Health Trust