Practical Firefighting Training with VR

Real Training AS is revolutionizing the way businesses train for firefighting. Our VR technology provides participants with a realistic fire experience while using real firefighting equipment. With various fire scenarios tailored to their needs, participants can practice extinguishing fires with powder, foam, CO2, or water in a safe and controlled virtual reality environment.

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The fire drill takes place indoors

Our fire extinguishing training can be conducted indoors, all year round, without being dependent on weather or season. This provides flexibility and the opportunity for practical training when it suits the participants best.

Fun - Educational - Cost-effective

Our training is both engaging, educational, and cost-effective. Employees can allocate just 10 minutes during the workday to participate in a session and experience a realistic fire situation similar to their own workplace.

No travel or waiting time

Our training is flexible and can be conducted without impacting the operation of the business. Participants do not need to spend time on travel or waiting, as the exercises can be carried out at the workplace.

Ten minutes is all it takes to complete the extinguishing exercise. Flexible, educational, and cost-effective training for employees.

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VR Practice Area

Indoor, flat floor of 5 x 5 meters and an electrical outlet.


We have conducted fire training in meeting rooms, cafeterias, parking garages, stages, common areas, reception areas, and many other locations.

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This is how we do it:

We schedule the time and location.
You reserve the room and call in the employees.
Real Training takes care of the rest:

  1. Sets up the VR fire simulator.
  2. Guides participants through the exercises.
  3. Records, reports, and issues course certificates.
  4. Cleans up and thanks for the opportunity.
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Practice Makes Perfect

Employees who have received good training and practice are well-equipped to initiate quick and correct actions. The immediate response from those present makes a significant difference, whether it's dealing with a fire, evacuation, or providing first aid.

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